How do I enter my monogram initials?

Traditional monogram style is First name initial, LAST name initial, Middle Initial (the last name initial larger in the middle.) When ordering, you will be asked to give us your initials in order first LAST middle. If you would like it a different way than traditional, please let us know by making a note on the order so there is no confusion! If you are married, your monogram should go First name initial, Married Last name Initial, Maiden Name initial. For married couples - Brides first name, Married Last name, Grooms first name. Check out our blog post on Monogram Etiquette!

If I order now, when will my order ship?

Processing time is 5-12 business days. Shipping time is 2-5 business days. If you order today your order should arrive to you within 2.5 weeks. Processing Time is the time it takes from when you place the order to when your order is monogrammed with your personal initials. Shipping time is the time it takes from your order to to get from our facility to your doorstep. If you need your item right away, please contact us (contact@embrstudio.com) and we can try to work something out. (please note: this is not always an options - it depends on our production at the time)

Can I mail you something I own to monogram?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service at this time.

What is your Return Policy?

There are no returns or exchanges on our monogrammed items. The reason for this is because once we stitch an item, it cannot be undone. Therefore, that item is no longer able to be used. We cannot accept an exchange and/or return if you ordered the wrong size or you don't like the color thread you chose. If there is a mistake on our end, we will be glad to fix it or offer you a refund. If we have made a mistake, please contact us ASAP. Your item will only be remade/refunded if you have contacted us within 5 days of receiving your item.

With this being said, PLEASE follow all directions when placing an order and double check that everything is correct! :) Use our sizing charts listed as a reference as well.

Can I make a change to my order after it is placed?

If you need to make a change to your order, please contact us ASAP. If you need to change the thread color or monogram style on an item - that is no problem! If you need to change the size and/or color of an item you ordered (after 24 hours) there will be a $10 restocking fee. We order items from our suppliers, as they are needed. Therefore, if you need to make a change (or cancel your order) after 24 hours, there will be a restocking fee. Please let us know if you have any questions!